The Gilson legacy began in the 1940s, when Dr. Warren Gilson, while a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, began to design and develop specialized medical electronics and instruments that were not commercially available. Through the years, Gilson’s product focus has moved from specialized instruments for physiological applications to automation instrumentation and chromatography systems for the drug discovery, proteomic, and genomic markets. Today, Gilson manufactures HPLC systems, LC/MS systems, high-throughput robotic workstations, pipettes (including the world renowned PIPETMAN® brand of pipettes), fraction collectors, SPE systems, detectors, injectors, and much more. From liquid chromatography to liquid handling instruments, Gilson delivers high-quality, dependable solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Gilson is able to offer complete sales and technical support to customers around the globe. Due to commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Gilson has consistently been awarded ISO 9001 certification. As a result of audits conducted by an independent third party registrar, you can be assured that our products are the result of well defined and controlled processes. Gilson, Inc., Gilson S.A.S., Gilson International B.V., Gilson (Schweiz) AG, and Gilson UK are ISO 9001 certified. Product range includes:

Automated Systems

  • Automated Liquid Handling Products
  • HPLC Products
  • SPE Products
  • GPC Clean-up Products
  • Racks
  • Accessories
Pipettes & Accessories

  • Automated Pipetting Solutions
  • PIPETMAN® Pipettes
  • PIPETMAN® Pipette Kits
  • Specialty Pipettes
  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • Benchtop Equipment
  • Pipette Accessories
  • Pipette Registration

  • PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond Filter Tips
  • Other Consumables