Alfa Genetics, as an authorized distributor, importer and authorized service provider of renowned European brands, offers top-quality devices, reagents and supplies for work in laboratories in the fields of science, research, medicine and diagnostics.

Equipment for working with liquids 

Automated Pipetting Systems
Mechanical Variable Automatic Pipettes
Mechanical Fixed Automatic Pipettes
Electronic - Digital Pipettes
Manual Dispensers - Multipette
Manual Pipettor - Serological
Bottle Dispensers
Digital Burettes - Titrators
Peristaltic Pumps

Equipment for working with cells and cell cultures

CO2 incubators

Equipment for sample preparation and processing

Mixers and thermo-mixers
Thermostats and thermal blocks
Magnetic stirrers
Shakers, rockers, rotators, vortexes
PCR machines and Real Time PCR machines
Digital PCR
Spectrometers and photometers
Systems for electrophoresis
Microplate readers & washers
ELISA readers
Western blot and gel imaging systems
Systems for gel photo documentation
UV instruments and protective equipment

Equipment for storage, preservation and cryopreservation

Refrigerators and freezers
Combined refrigerators and freezers
Ultra-low temperature freezers
Blood storage devices
Portable refrigerators
Containers for cryo preservation of biological samples
Containers for easy use of small amounts of liquid nitrogen
Containers for storage and transport of liquid nitrogen
Pressure containers for dispensing and storing liquid nitrogen
Line of containers for transport of biological samples
Containers designed for dermatological applications
Freezing speed control for all types of samples
Temperature monitoring tools
Liquid oxygen tanks
Protective equipment

Laboratory supplies

Bags for autoclaving biological waste
Boxes for disposal of biological waste
Laboratory systems for filtration
Microtiter plates with 94/48/24/12/6 holes
Boxes for accommodation and storage of samples
Transfer pipettes - Pasteur pipettes
Autoclavable boxes for attachments
Extensions for automatic pipettes
Microtubes - Eppendorf tubes
Centrifugal Falcon tubes
Centrifugal tubes
Serological pipettes
Petri dishes

Laminar, UV cabinets 

Laminar chambers with vertical airflow
Chambers for dissolving cytostatics
Class II BioSafety cabinets
PCR chambers with UV air recirculators

Reagents for research that meet almost all the requirements of scientific researchers:

Isolation and purification of biomolecules
Gene expression and miRNA research
Next generation sequencing (NGS)