QIAGEN offers a wide range of products, with more than 500 basic products for special purposes for over 500,000 users worldwide. They also designed devices that enable complete automation of laboratory procedures, from the first sample to the final result/product.

Supplies - QIAGEN's wide range of supplies includes complete kits for predefined sample preparation and analysis applications, as well as individual enzymes and reagents that research laboratories can use in developing their applications. For example, QIAGEN's portfolio contains hundreds of tests for the detection of dangerous pathogens, such as influenza, hepatitis, HIV and tuberculosis. And also the GeneGlobe internet portal offers scientists access to 60,000 tests for the analysis of individual genes of different species. QIAGEN supplies represent outstanding quality, reliability and comparability of results.

Devices - As well as supplies, QIAGEN offers automated devices for the entire spectrum of laboratory procedures from initial sample preparation to final test results. This minimizes the human error factor and increases the efficiency of the work process. The human factor is especially critical in professional laboratories that process thousands of samples per year and have very strict requirements regarding the technology they use. QIAGEN has over 15 devices to offer, one of which is the QIAsymphony RGQ®, a revolutionary modular platform that launched a new era in laboratory automation and covers the full range of procedures from biological sample preparation to the final test result. In addition to other devices specialized for laboratory applications, the product range also includes a system for Point of Need tests. They enable users who do not have access to laboratory infrastructures to use the latest Sample & Assay Technologies. This is extremely important when results need to be very fast, such as in a medical emergency. The latest assortment is represented by digital PCR as well as Qiastat-Dx device for syndromic testing.


Detection technologies - Innovative solutions are necessary for different problems. That's why QIAGEN offers a range of innovative technologies that make molecular biology more accessible to more users. Example:

  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) – a method that amplifies genetic information and makes it available. This process brings very precise results, and it is extremely important when we have a very small trace of the molecule we are examining - e.g. in food testing, when we detect pathogens or genetic fingerprint analysis.
  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS) – a method that enables deciphering genetic information much easier, faster and cheaper than conventional methods. QIAGEN's goal is to enable the routine use of this revolutionary method not only in scientific research laboratories but also in clinical research and diagnostics.
  • Pyrosequencing – a high-resolution detection technology – a high-resolution detection technology that enables real-time analysis of genetic mutations.